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Day 10~ September 10th~ Tuscany

special places

After many years of fascination and research of cathedrals, I have come to discover that these massive houses of worship were mostly constructed over generations in places that held a great historical significance. If you dig deeper into the history of cathedrals like Chartres in France and the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, you will find out that the land they were built on used to be home of other much older churches and religious places. This all perhaps points to the significance of the exact location on the planet and much less to convenience or coincidence. It is fantastic to see the villages and towns you drive by in Tuscany and to see that the focal point of each one of them is a church or cathedral around which people gather in the Piazza.

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Day Three Hundred Eight, November 26, 2011

color sparkles

Color, we marvel at it in the sky, in rainbows, in butterflies, in the ocean, in the trees, in fruits,… all around us. We use it in fashion, in style, in homes, in crafts, in food art, in painting, and it becomes part of our identity. But at some point, the use of color was medicinal, esoteric, influential in human life, ceremonial, religious, purposeful, significant, meaningful and exact. It is amazing to try taking just a moment every morning to look at a spectrum of colors (pencils, pantone colors, whatever) and see which one you are most drawn to that day, because it really is different each day, and to try and learn something about that color, be on the frequency of it. It is no coincidence that flags are certain colors and that most religions are color coded, or is it?