In the blur of the moment~

It is quite overwhelming to think of how our lives flow continuously without any option of pausing, stopping or delaying the passage of time. The onset of the next moment is inevitable and non-negotiable. Choosing our next step, making our next decision and uttering our next word suddenly take on a whole new significance.

Day 36 of 365

Images stolen between moments

Day 30~ December 30th~ Guilin

future unknown

future unknown~ children~ Long Ji

One of the most stark truths about the future is that it remains unknown until the moment when it happens. We project, we plan, we dream, we wish, and almost always we are surprised by what unfolds. If it is the past that holds sway on our emotions, then it is the future that triggers our imagination and creativity, and the now is the bridge we build to take us into the great unknown.

A new year unfolds, and so do many contemplations in my mind …

Day Three Hundred Eighteen, December 6, 2011

winter lights and magic

Today was the day Nikolaus comes to see German children and they get ready for him by cleaning their boots (Nikolaus Stiefel) and setting them out at night to wake up to sweets and presents if they were good the past year or a tree branch in the boot if they were not. Lea lives in a constant state of expectancy and awe at the magic of this time of year and she is completely absorbed in her innocent belief that the extraordinary is part of life, a life  that she never allows to become mundane.

So we have been baking cookies, decorating daily, making crafts, and waking up to surprises for the last few weeks swearing never to let the magic slip away.

Day One Hundred Sixteen, May 18, 2011

It's no use crying over spilt milk

One of the most obvious laws on this planet is the passage of time in one single direction. Or at least this is how we perceive it. We may write books, make movies and fantasize about reversing time, but I have not met anyone yet who has done this, have you? So when something undesirable happens, it just cannot be undone, it is forever recorded in the archives of history which makes dwelling on it kind of pointless. It is the now and the future that we can influence, the past is only there to learn from.