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Day 9~ May 9th~ Cambodia

the snake charmer

In Cambodia, like in many other developing countries on our planet, children find themselves needing to sell things, beg, wash car windows or do a multiple of other tasks for some extra money that could mean a meal for the day. It is always heartbreaking to see, no matter what country I was in to see children subjected to life’s hardships at such a young age.

This little girl found another unique way to make a living, her own creative way. She became a snake charmer and she would let visitors to the floating village touch or go near her creature for a few coins. She had pride radiating from her and she knew she was just different. And she was!


Day One Hundred One, May 3, 2011

hard and tough

We are born into our relatively short lives and from the very first moment we start fighting, to take our first breath of air, to overcome the pains of growth, then onto the defeats that come with learning all there is to learn, to then find our place in a competitive and cut throat world…It is hardly surprising that most of us grow a hard skin, a rough exterior that is cautious of all we meet until we deem it safe. Only then do we show the real we, the soft us.

as tough as bark