Day One Hundred One, May 3, 2011

hard and tough

We are born into our relatively short lives and from the very first moment we start fighting, to take our first breath of air, to overcome the pains of growth, then onto the defeats that come with learning all there is to learn, to then find our place in a competitive and cut throat world…It is hardly surprising that most of us grow a hard skin, a rough exterior that is cautious of all we meet until we deem it safe. Only then do we show the real we, the soft us.

as tough as bark

8 thoughts on “Day One Hundred One, May 3, 2011

  1. What an incredible photograph. The description that accompanies it is wonderful. I’m already hooked on your blog and I’ve only seen this entry so far! Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much Samantha for your kind comment! I was just browsing your amazing work on redbubble! wonderful! I have an account there but not time to upload 🙂


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