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Day 22~ July 22nd~ Vietnam

Dragons in the water

When fire meets water, when legends merge with life, when mystery overshadows skepticism, when fantasy touches your heart and you fly with the dragons…

inspiration life Photography Vietnam

Day 21~ July 21st~ Vietnam

Halong Bay

A haunting place where your mind can fly with the dragons if you let it.

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Day 20~ July 20th~ Vietnam

journey into lands of old legends

Halong Bay~ the bay of descending dragons~ they came from the sky to help save the people from invaders, they spat out pearls that turned into small islands, and they loved it so much that they decided to stay.

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Day 19~ July 19th~ Vietnam

the girl with the heart earrings

She rode on a water raft, she smiled, she waved, she came closer to our boat and she sold us bananas. The girl with the heart earrings.

Halong Bay~ Vietnam