Winds of Change

From the mega metropolis of 30 million to a quiet German neighborhood, from the 16th floor of a high-rise building to the lone house and garden, from the green polluted sky of shanghai to the intoxicatingly fresh air of the countryside… we find ourselves in a whole new ecosystem.

We took in a few fish to live in our small pond last week and since then they have been hiding as they get used to the new environment. We are not so different. I feel the urge to settle in and find my way in my new ecosystem.

Despite of all the change, something inside me is dancing in joy and wellbeing. Thank you Germany for the chance to be well and happy as we get ready to call you home.

Day One Hundred Eighty Five, July 26, 2011

he started diving 35 years ago

They live near the sea, they start the day before sunrise, they work all day on their fishing boats, they speak the language of the water, wind and sun. They search for their fish, they are guided by signs only a fisherman can translate, by coordinates, by subtle movements of wind, water and clouds. They told me they only find balance when at sea, in the midst of it, where peace lives. On land they get nervous until the next dive.

Day Eighty Three, April 15, 2011

Its dry

One of the most common sites in Shanghai streets and markets is hanging dried fish or meat. You find them hanging in the streets, with the laundry, by clothing pins, on trees, in window sills, everywhere. I still find it very hard to get used to, especially when they catch me off guard like this one here that I almost bumped into in the market today. But food around the world is as varied as the people, their history, and traditions are, and that’s wonderful to experience!

hanging dry

Day Fifteen, February 6, 2011

farewell to the magic beach

Today was our last day in Boracay, and the island has gifted us the best weather possible on this last day. The sun was shining the whole day, the water was glistening clear blue, filled with fish and little sea creatures. Even the moon was a beautiful glowing picture book crescent. We could not ask for a better day. My daughter and her friend bid farewell to the beautiful beach right before sunset.