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Living at the surface ~

Do our lives seem to be moving faster and at a more hectic pace or are we cycling on the shallow edge of life? Our news and information arrives in short blips and headlines, we have less and less time to read a good book and we find ourselves running from task to menial task without taking a breath to reflect on anything deeper than surface level.

I was speaking to my daughter about an upcoming school trip she has where for one week she must leave her phone behind. She was absolutely baffled for a moment about the absurdity of the concept and how life as she knows it will not be the same. We all need a holiday like that from time to time. Life is waiting.

Day 7 of 365


Day Two Hundred Thirteen, August 23, 2011

no nonsense

Have you ever been looked at in a way that made you stop in your tracks and be forced to re-evaluate and to re-consider certain importances? Some stares can do just that to me. They can force me into a state of depth and non-superficiality because they just carry that power within them. This lady has worked all her life and still works at this late age physically harder than I ever had to. She cleans the streets of Shanghai at a stage of her life when she ought to be traveling the world and relaxing in spas in most people’s standards. Yet she drives on, she struggles and she fights to survive. And just like that, in a single stare, she makes my daily worries seem so petty and insignificant and gives me a not so gentle nudge into the more serious side of life. I am thankful to her and to people like her that are an indispensable support for our communities.