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a future we never bargained for~ Shanghai

pollution~ Shanghai-2 pollution~ Shanghai-3 pollution~ Shanghai-4 pollution~ Shanghai-5 pollution~ Shanghai-6 pollution~ Shanghai-7During the last few days, Shanghai was submerged in a large cloud of gray pollution that seemed to call over terms like ‘apocalypse’ and ‘end of days’ from many of its residents. A look of worry shrouded everyone’s face and all conversations centered around the same theme: the toxic smog. It felt so bizarre to walk around in a dark city with masked people and alarmed eyes everywhere you looked. The pollution was literally off the scales (over 500) and no comforting answers anywhere as to when and if it will end. Now, a few days later, it has dropped to 195, still an alarming number in any country, but here in Shanghai, it calls for a celebration. What kind of world are we bringing our children into? What levels of abuse are we subjecting our planet to in the name of progress, money and power?



Day Sixty Six, March 29, 2011

elf in my window

I will never get used to seeing window cleaners in Shanghai hanging on a single rope to clean the outside glass of high rise buildings. It is a very dangerous job, at least that’s how it looks to me when I see a rope, then feet followed by a giggling face popping down outside my window. They start at the top and slide slowly all the way down the building cleaning and risking their lives in the process. This is another one of the strange ways of going on that make Shanghai what it is, a whimsical place that I will never forget.

this is how they hang!