a future we never bargained for~ Shanghai

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pollution~ Shanghai-2 pollution~ Shanghai-3 pollution~ Shanghai-4 pollution~ Shanghai-5 pollution~ Shanghai-6 pollution~ Shanghai-7During the last few days, Shanghai was submerged in a large cloud of gray pollution that seemed to call over terms like ‘apocalypse’ and ‘end of days’ from many of its residents. A look of worry shrouded everyone’s face and all conversations centered around the same theme: the toxic smog. It felt so bizarre to walk around in a dark city with masked people and alarmed eyes everywhere you looked. The pollution was literally off the scales (over 500) and no comforting answers anywhere as to when and if it will end. Now, a few days later, it has dropped to 195, still an alarming number in any country, but here in Shanghai, it calls for a celebration. What kind of world are we bringing our children into? What levels of abuse are we subjecting our planet to in the name of progress, money and power?


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  2. The world is in a terrible state and yet us humans (as a species) just carry on and on – all in the name of progress. Our “progression” has become a regression. Let’s hope that there will be a turnaround and that somehow our consciousness will become elevated enough to realize the damage we are causing and our children’s only physical home. These images give a very tangible feel for the stark reality of the situation.

  3. Maybe chinese people should have look (if possible) on the things happening in Ukraine! Getting shot by the police in a demonstration might be not the worst alternative to suffering from cancer one future day.

  4. It’s incredibly sad, Mimo. The dark shroud of “progress” hangs over each of us in some way.

  5. Extremely revealing shots, and due to transboundary airflow a considerable amount of China’s pollution is responsible for the smog in LA. Just as 55% of the pollution from the coal fired plants along the Ohio River are responsible for the heavy smog days seen in southern Ontario. Then there’s what Canada, which failed the Kyoto Protocol so long ago, send across the North Atlantic via the jetstream.

    What kind of world indeed?

  6. This is awful and very frightening. We never seem to learn. I remember going to Hong Kong in 1993 and how beautiful it was and the sky was blue. When I returned in 2000 the smoke and pollution from all of the new factories in the New Territories was already bad. Back in the 70’s I lived in LA for awhile. Burbank to be exact. The first week I was there I could not see much from the hill I lived on. On Sunday I noticed there were actually mountains in the distance. The said truth is that the greed of some outweighs the good of the planet.

  7. we broke it – the big question is, can we fix it?
    stark images…

  8. Stunning photos of such a tragic situation. The low cost of manufactured goods is so not worth paying the ultimate high price of destruction by toxins which live forever.

  9. China has been stripping the land and along with the pollution from factories and no regs on them, this is what you get every time. Meteorologist Larry Olson

  10. Fantastic impressionist shots – really gives a feeling for what you describe.

  11. We had similar situation in Singapore in June. Well, similar because of smog, bit different reason.
    I was in Shanghai last week when it started. Bad. Hopefully it will get better soon…

  12. Hi Mimo! Great photos. And yes, I agree… to what end are we driving ourselves in the name of progress?

    I did want to ask about your photos and what camera you use?

  13. Here in Barcelona, last week, we had an alert because hight levels of NO2 (Nitrogene Dioxide) from car’s combustion and I’m still coughing. I really don’t want to be in Shangai with this cloud. I think that with your great selection of pictures is enough to me.

  14. It is so terrible, and your photos are showing this horror, Mimo. I know it is pollution, but how did it come to this extreme?

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