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as it should be~ New Zealand

where beauty gives you wings

where beauty gives you wings

redefining magic

redefining magic

Being in New Zealand feels as close as I can imagine a healthy planet to be. I visited and was enchanted with this beach at Karekare about 20 years ago and coming back to it now, it still is as clean, as unpolluted and as undeveloped as it was back then. What a stark contrast to the pollution we live through in a city like Shanghai, and how refreshing it is to find ourselves under big blue skies.

Merry Christmas to you all from warm and fresh New Zealand. Kiaora!




Day Three Hundred Forty Eight, January 5, 2012

breaking for a conversation

Street workers and cleaners are part of the Shanghai canvas. A city of about 20 million remains spotlessly clean every day and in every weather because of their hard work. Every time an eye contact is made with a worker, you are mostly rewarded with a warm and shy smile. Simple wonderful people with simple pleasures, like a well deserved lunch break and an involved conversation with a friend.

Day Sixty Six, March 29, 2011

elf in my window

I will never get used to seeing window cleaners in Shanghai hanging on a single rope to clean the outside glass of high rise buildings. It is a very dangerous job, at least that’s how it looks to me when I see a rope, then feet followed by a giggling face popping down outside my window. They start at the top and slide slowly all the way down the building cleaning and risking their lives in the process. This is another one of the strange ways of going on that make Shanghai what it is, a whimsical place that I will never forget.

this is how they hang!

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