Day Three Hundred Forty Eight, January 5, 2012

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breaking for a conversation

Street workers and cleaners are part of the Shanghai canvas. A city of about 20 million remains spotlessly clean every day and in every weather because of their hard work. Every time an eye contact is made with a worker, you are mostly rewarded with a warm and shy smile. Simple wonderful people with simple pleasures, like a well deserved lunch break and an involved conversation with a friend.

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  1. You have such a fine and thoughtful touch to your photos! An amazing feel for each one!

  2. Dear Mimo,
    I love your pictures and the writings with them ! They have a very special frequency….
    I have never been to Shanghai, but I had been to Singapore, where I was very impressed about the incredible cleanness in the city. And I also witnessed the demolition of old, smaller houses to make space for skyscrapers….
    It was quite similar to what you describe…

  3. Great shots. If only capitalist societies could achieve this. Are the black bags filled with collected litter or are they family refuse?

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