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Living the temporary fantasy~

During the last few days, Germans around Duesseldorf have been assuming new identities, merrily yelling our “Helau” and throwing candy from parades. The ‘Karneval’ is going at full force and no it’s not over! There are 2 more days of this jolly madness still to come 🤪!

Day 42 of 365~

Photos taken during a Karneval parade today

Germany Photography

Carnival~ Karneval~ Fasching~ Mardi Gras

It all began and is rooted in the Carnevalle of Venice with its masked balls and elaborate costumes, now these festivities are observed religiously in different parts of Germany, Switzerland, France, New Orleans, and other places. A day to dress up and scare away the devil, one would hope.

Preparations began on 11/11 at 11:11 am and the are about to culminate with this weekend’s parades and Rose Monday’s big event.

I do hope the political satire floats of Duesseldorf’s Monday parade will scare off a certain orange headed imposter sitting in the White House.

Day 38 of 365~

Image is of my daughter’s carnival costume for school tomorrow.