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Day 4~ September 4th~ Tuscany

Even soda has style in Tuscany

It takes Italians to make sure their soda can has style! Fashion and good taste most definitely flourish in Italy where somehow mixing art into daily life is second nature to the Italians. It makes me wonder what it is that makes the Italians how they are, while in neighboring countries like France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, people could not be more different. Even when you go into small villages in Europe, each can have its own nature, its own dialect and its own radiation. This is the case in so many countries in the ‘old’ world, and it never ceases to puzzle me because I feel that it goes beyond the apparent differences in heritage or genetics or what we can physically see with our own eyes and it calls me to search and research.

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Day 17~ March 17th~ Egypt

two boys, the nile and a leaky boat

Moments with other people, they are the holders of the best of memories…

We were near Aswan, our boat drifting lazily in the January sun, the Nile river glowing with thousands of bright sequins, when we made a small pause near the shore. There, near the bank of the river were 2 boys, one of them I spoke to for a while, his name was aalaa (علاء). He had this little home made boat that he was so proud of and he used it to cross the Nile from his village to the neighboring one. He was transporting his friend who helped row the boat with his arms while aalaa used a tin can to scoop the water accumulating slowly in the bottom of their leaky boat. It was a small sketch of their daily life that stayed with me, and that drew so much endearment from me to them. Sometime it is the simplicity of life that makes it so extraordinary and the tiny things that make it so special.