Day 17~ March 17th~ Egypt

two boys, the nile and a leaky boat

Moments with other people, they are the holders of the best of memories…

We were near Aswan, our boat drifting lazily in the January sun, the Nile river glowing with thousands of bright sequins, when we made a small pause near the shore. There, near the bank of the river were 2 boys, one of them I spoke to for a while, his name was aalaa (علاء). He had this little home made boat that he was so proud of and he used it to cross the Nile from his village to the neighboring one. He was transporting his friend who helped row the boat with his arms while aalaa used a tin can to scoop the water accumulating slowly in the bottom of their leaky boat. It was a small sketch of their daily life that stayed with me, and that drew so much endearment from me to them. Sometime it is the simplicity of life that makes it so extraordinary and the tiny things that make it so special.

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  1. What an interesting photo!

  2. Beautiful photo Mimo!

  3. What a gorgeous photo! I love your ending thoughts, it is so true…the little things in life…

  4. Mimo, I must confess I didn’t know the meaning of “sequin”! 🙂 It means “shining disk” and the
    Arabic meaning is “a stamp”. The picture reminded me of when I was about 12 yrs old, friends and I would build “boats” and row them across a pond in our city. Our “boat” was also “leaky”. As morristown noted, the picture is indeed “charming”. 🙂

  5. The photo is charming, and I loved your description of sequins on the water…


  6. The thought of one paddling and the other removing the water continues to strike me.

  7. beautiful shot!

  8. I like this monochrome shot. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  9. Hi,
    What a fantastic photo, and a great little home made boat for the boys. 🙂

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