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The Endless Cycle

Looking for recyclables in city streets

Looking for recyclables in city streets

As the holidays approach fast, I dedicate my post today to those who work harder than most, who see no retirement day in their near future, and who bear the weight of life and the passing of years. They are all around us, patching up the holes in our social structure, tirelessly moving because stopping is not an option.


Day One Hundred Eighty Eight, July 29, 2011

Abou Naiim's daily walk

In a magestic valley that crosses the mountain ranges of Northern Lebanon runs a river all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is called among other names ‘the valley of the saints’, because nesting on its sides and in its caves are hundreds of tiny monasteries and churches, each with its own story to tell. I was on a hike in the valley when out of the lush trees near the river an old man appeared. He carried his bag of green beans and told me his little story. He walks every day for hours from his home in the mountain village to the depth of the valley to tend his little garden; he does not know his age, but he remembers that he was born around the time a wonderful political leader lived. He carried on and on about his first love, the woman who has haunted him all his life and was the reason he never married again. He was on his way to take the ‘loubieh’ (green beans) harvest to her. It is the least he could do he said, because it makes her happy. He has nothing else to offer her, and to his embarrassment not even a car, and that breaks his heart. But he still manages to give her his best, the fruit of his hard work, his wonderful home grown green beans!

the hands of time

Day One Hundred Seventy One, July 12, 2011

another year

Funny thing about living in China when it is your birthday; you celebrate it and then you are asked by a local how old you are, which you admit truthfully and try to be all graceful about the whole thing, until they ask, “is that in western years?”, “beg your pardon?” you ask, and then, just like that, they add a year to your already ancient age. Your birthday is the day you are conceived and not the day you are born, so here take 9 extra months on top!

Cheers, my friends, one day I will go back to the West and gain a year back 🙂

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