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The Endless Cycle

Looking for recyclables in city streets
Looking for recyclables in city streets

As the holidays approach fast, I dedicate my post today to those who work harder than most, who see no retirement day in their near future, and who bear the weight of life and the passing of years. They are all around us, patching up the holes in our social structure, tirelessly moving because stopping is not an option.


By ~mimo~

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Great picture!!! Yes, there are more and more people on our planet, who have to suffer under hard manual abour for the rest of their lives. And isn´t retirement a naive social dream of the past for the most of us?!

Life is beautiful but others failed to notice it because they’re very busy working hard just to make ends meet. Regardless of their age, they have to keep moving as if life forgets to give them choices. A sad truth. These hardworking people were just amazing and deserves more love and respect.

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