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The greatest fear~

One of the greatest fears might be to one day realize one is insignificant. To have lived a life that touched no one deeply, to not have loved passionately, to not have given for the sake of giving and not to have believed in something much greater than oneself. And scarier even than all of that is to have lived without ever meeting or knowing who we are.

Day 39 of 365~

Image taken somewhere in New York

By ~mimo~

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I like this notion. I agree with it somewhat in the sense that it inspires me looking forward, rather than saddens me looking backwards.

However, personally, I think you should not spend time finding who you are. Everything in life is fleeting, temporary, including us. By the time you have found who you are, that person has changed, potentially unrecognisably so. So why worry about finding that person? They are still in the making.

If that is your greatest fear… rest at ease. Insignificant we (you) are not.
(You) we touch and reach people. Some. A few or many. It changes. Varies across time.
What is insignificant is our reach. The little or no influence we (you?) can have on the course of world events. That can be daunting.
Bu then, your (our) reach is as far we (you) can try. And it works.
From family and close friends to distant, very distant E-friends…
Yours is one of the first two blogs I ever followed. And you have been an inspiration in my blogging.
So? Insignificant? You are not.
Bon week-end Mimo.

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