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Portraits From the Heart~ Myanmar


It is not enough to love your camera, to love photography and to love travel. Good portraits are about loving people, other humans, those that co-inhabit our earth. Looking at them with compassion, togetherness, curiosity and the wish to belong to this fascinating and colorful range of humanity.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

26 replies on “Portraits From the Heart~ Myanmar”

I’m not sure which of your photographs I like best (you do have quite a wide range) but I think your portraits are unique. Old people in particular. All that those eyes have seen – and has gone away forever. Trés beau. Have a lovely week.

Love your street and people photography. I love to take these types of photos but always feel as if I am imposing or invading their privacy. Do you approach and ask permission or do you use telephoto lens and just go for it?

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