Portraits From the Heart~ Myanmar


It is not enough to love your camera, to love photography and to love travel. Good portraits are about loving people, other humans, those that co-inhabit our earth. Looking at them with compassion, togetherness, curiosity and the wish to belong to this fascinating and colorful range of humanity.

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  1. I totally agree. Otherwise photographs look cold, as seeing the work of a surveillance camera or an automatic device and not a person. Yours have heart : )

  2. Beautiful work. Your respect very evident in these portraits. Thanks for sharing. 🙏

  3. Stunning storytelling through your lens. A joy to view, Mimo.

  4. That Black white image of grand ma & cigar was mindblowing. Ur third eye captures 1000s of 1000 stories.

  5. Your photos tell a story. The lady, or ladies, look to be in pain, but theres also some enjoyment on her face. Its like shes ready to die, but wants to savor her last smoke.

  6. I’m not sure which of your photographs I like best (you do have quite a wide range) but I think your portraits are unique. Old people in particular. All that those eyes have seen – and has gone away forever. Trés beau. Have a lovely week.

  7. This is really great! I also made a post like this today. Please do check and give your valuable feedback 🙂

  8. Smoking kills every wish of life. Eye see all things of life. And from photography always indicate us…how can we live our life. Awesome Clicks.

  9. It’s beautiful. Amazing photos.

  10. great job, beautifl portraits with deep mining

  11. Beautiful portraits, really captured the charecter

  12. Awesome photos that speak to you! Really dig them.

  13. Great pictures! A beautiful country and wonderful people!

  14. Incredibly gorgeous and yes so true. Breathtaking shots filled with love.

  15. Capturing people and places that will not be the same in the future is a gift. Keep up the good work. Nancy of boyerwrites.com

  16. Love your street and people photography. I love to take these types of photos but always feel as if I am imposing or invading their privacy. Do you approach and ask permission or do you use telephoto lens and just go for it?

  17. These are great, takes me back to those amazingly beautiful people, seemingly happy with a very simple life! Thanks and greetings, Ron

  18. There is so much story in those eyes~!

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