Took me by Surprise~

"a story like the wind"~

A story like the wind

the complex webs we spin~_

The complex webs we spin

Our children have this magical way of growing up without us even noticing. The greatest miracle of expansion from a little fetus to a wonderful human taking their place in the world, cannot be taken for granted. It is an amazing thing, growth. It’s a golden truth, magical in every way. It fascinates us, we gush over it and it catches us by surprise when our little baby turns 11.

Happy birthday little big girl~

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  1. This is beautiful!

  2. wow, absolutely stunning photos. IMPRESSING!

  3. Bon anniversaire. (And in 11 years she’ll be 22. OMG)

  4. Beautiful picture♥

  5. Very emotional expression with two awesome photos 🙂

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