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Conformity~ an override to our personal creativity

passer by~ Seoul
passer by~ Seoul

There are times when the ideas and thoughts that sprout out of our fertile imagination appear to be out of this world to our reasoning mind. We tend to compare them to what has been done before or to what the current trend is and then hurry to dismiss them as a state of temporary madness. But what if new art can only arrive to us in a new never before seen form? What if it must look crazy for it to be real? What if it demand us to be brave enough to step into the realms of the unknown for it to show itself?

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hey Mimo-Bad me. didn’t know you’d changed blogs. Just added on as follower so I can catch you here or on Flickr. Definitely want to catch you. I sort of got out of the blogging rhythm when I was working so hard on my images from my trip to Cuba last summer. Trying to back in the flow.
Call me an admirer. Definitely.

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