Day 21~ November 21st~ New York

By ( 9 )

on the move

We seem to go through our days without ever being aware of the most common fact of life: we are living on a sphere which is zipping in space at a staggering speed of 67000 miles/hour and spinning around its axis simultaneously at a speed of about 1000 miles/hour. And somehow all this is engineered in such a way that we feel no movement at all. The most awe inspiring of life’s mysteries are the simplest ones.


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  1. great eye for human spirit
    so much individuality in your work

  2. Very good picture, Mimo – I love the blurring and I love the mono! Adrian

  3. Striking words about life!

  4. Is that you? a camera in one hand and a spray can in the other? Are you heading to a tunnel, a wall, after spinning 1000 miles/hour?

  5. …nice shot, Mimo…looks like he (or she?) is a photographer too…like the blurs…

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