Looking back at May 2011

The photos of project 365, seems so long ago!!

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Categories: art, Photography


  1. Hi, Mimo, This is my first visit, following your link from FATman’s site. Some lovely work here–I particularly like the man with the black hat and the woman with the missing teeth and their wonderful smiles. Looking forward to deeper delving into your art!

  2. That is a handful of stunning picture. Very well done. Such a variety and so much beauty. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. wide range of shots and simply beautiful!

  4. Your slideshow is absolutely excellent, Mimo, both for its outstanding photos, as well as for the many genres in there – really any outstanding achievement. Adrian

  5. Hi Mimo, I love your Blog so much that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, check out my Blog.

  6. We have some parallels in what we’re doing with our blogs…I especially like your colorful photos — very nice!


  7. Great project and awesome pictures!

  8. Love them all, so much emotion and expressive colour…Great job!

  9. I have enjoyed your project. Great posts and some great images. All the best.

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