Day Two Hundred Ninety Six, November 14, 2011

the last stretch

I remember being 20 and feeling completely immortal. I always felt that death is a far away journey an the reaper did not have my number and had no plans for me. And then years passed and I started feeling the idea of mortality creeping closer. I wonder what it would feel like being on the last stretch of life here on Earth. Is it a time to look back at what has been done in our lives so far? A time for assessing what still needs to be done? A sense of relief at the end of this journey and  in the waiting for the next? I wonder…

photo taken: old lady on her home steps in a Shanghai alley

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  1. Oh yes, that’s very nice – both the only partly seen person, his/her bicycle? wheel bottom left, and the slightly offbeat colour too – it all makes an excellent shot, Mimo! Adrian

  2. With your words here your touching on what I’ve been wondering myself lately, and I think that this feeling, and these questions are creeping into my photography as well. I suppose we all do, and need to ask these questions, It’s the way we’re built after all…

    Incredibly shot this Mimo, beautiful in the vulnerability of the subject, so delicately captured by yourself. I’m deeply touched…

  3. Thank you friend. There’s a contemplation to keep close by. Great one to start this day with! And what a stunning portrait. Anyone told you you’re damn talented?

  4. I stumbled upon your blog only recently.

    Your soulful prose and touching imagery is a delight to the mind.

    You have a new reader! Cheers!

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