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Day Three Hundred Forty Seven, January 4, 2012


The one theme throughout Lea’s letter to Santa this year centered around magic. She asked to become a “Hexe” (German for witch), to have a “Hexenbuch”, “Hexenkraft”, “Hexenbesen”, fairy dust, the ability to fly, … you get the idea. From all of this list, she received a book and some crystals from her cousins and since then she holds this book and carries it around everywhere writing spells and practicing while innocently hoping and praying that her wishes will come true. She asked for my help (thinking I must be some kind of witch 🙂 ) and after long thought, I explained to her that nature is her best bet. If she can understand the laws of nature and how they work, then maybe she can come closer to understanding what she is asking for. So the book is getting filled with examples of the first natural law, the law of 2, of apparent opposites. She has collected already 3 pages full of examples with complete determination and zeal.

I love and value so much the gift of being a parent and witnessing magic through the passion of children.



Day Two Hundred Sixty Four, October 13, 2011

yes, we love Halloween

Over two thousand years ago, the Druids believed that the souls of the dead roamed the streets at night and they also believed that these souls needed to be honored. As for the souls that were unfriendly and a bit scary, well for those they left offerings to ensure they were pleased and no harm would come to the crops the following year. So the end of the harvest year, October 31st was to be “Samhain” the end of summer holiday. This later got diluted and became the Halloween we know today and the offerings became candy.

Every year on the first day of October Lea starts to prepare for her favorite holiday and our home gets transformed bit by bit into a haunted house and naturally we bathe with our witch hats!