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Day Three Hundred Eleven, November 29, 2011

aging fences

Fences have this way of drawing an emotional reaction from us when we see them. Fences are there to tell us we are not alone, despite the fact that they are created for the sole purpose of separation. When we construct fences, it is either to keep things away or safeguard things in, or both, but it is always about drawing a line, a splitting of territories, creating a divider. Then there are the unseen fences that we create, we hold on to and live behind of, not daring to cross or without great caution. Some are even built at our early childhood, our aging fences…

Day Two Hundred Twenty Four, September 3, 2011

barbed wire to contain and to separate humanity

When did humans begin to need containment and separation? What happened to cause the first human to create a barrier with the intention to cause harm to another human or animal attempting to cross it? They say barb wire was invented by someone in Ohio in 1867, but maybe this was the first time someone claimed credit for the idea.  But when I see barb wire, I see war, I see possible harm, I see alienation, separation, a big NO, you are not welcome here. And sadly, this is how we mostly live our lives today, with borders, with walls, with barb wire.

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