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Life course interrupted~ Syrian refugee

Syrian refugee in North Lebanon
Syrian refugee in North Lebanon

As the west prepares to launch a missile attack on Syria in the coming days, the innocent children find themselves caught in the games of warring adults having no say as to where their life will be taking them next. More than 4000 Syrians are seeking refuge daily in Lebanon, where they make a staggering 35% of the Lebanese population today. A ticking bomb in a fragile zone, heart breaking and unfair in so many ways. If the children are the hope for our future, why are we endangering that chance?

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Day Three Hundred Twenty Nine, December 17, 2011

heading west

Today, was a day of preparation to head west for a few weeks. No matter how long an expatriate lives in and makes China their home, the sense of belonging somewhere else is always prominent. Tomorrow my little family crosses a large part of the planet’s surface to get a dose of Western tradition for the holidays. And even though the city of Shanghai is bedecked from top to bottom with Christmas decoration to the degree of absurd, the essence of this specific holiday resides elsewhere and we are off to soak in it 🙂


Day Ninety Eight, April 30, 2011

Huang Pu, the glitzy river

A 3 minute walk from our apartment in Shanghai is the glitzy ‘Huang Pu’ river. The river was the reason I had my first 2 mandarin words engraved in my mind when we first moved here. It is called Huang Pu, and it divides the city of Shanghai into two areas, Pudong to the East, and Puxi to the West. So now you learned two words too. Hint: Pu means river 🙂

Photo taken: The glowing cruise boats that travel every night along the Huangpu in Shanghai.