Day One Hundred Thirty Two, June 3, 2011

strength in unity

This particular and ancient truth has been quite upfront lately in world affairs. Somehow this ancient lesson is being applied and demonstrated repeatedly in the last few years from events in Iran, to Egypt, to Yemen, and to most recently the current events in Syria. I am normally not someone who is drawn to writing, commenting or thinking too much about politics, but I do look at this issue in terms of trends happening in the world. And this recent phenomenon of people coming together and protesting a valid cause, an injustice or an oppressive regime, is becoming the way these nations forcing their way into reformation.

And this concept works just the same within our minds. One of the biggest enemy of our personal development is dispersion and conflicting thoughts. Somehow a magnetic force is needed to align our thoughts to all face in one direction, towards our purpose and away from our past patterns. Only then are we able to draw on enough inner strength to overcome hurdles and obstacles in our way and to reform our old ways of going on.

photo: potpourri twigs tied in a bundle from Ikea 🙂


Day Twenty Nine, February 20, 2011

at every moment we have a choice

Today, a very contemplative day, I return to a recurring thought…

At every moment in our lives we are faced with a choice. We choose mostly out of habit, out of obligation, out of love,

out of fear, out of conformity, out of comfortability…

And with each choice our destiny shifts and is rewritten again and again. Imagine a life where our choices are dictated by a higher purpose!!

What a glorious life that would be!