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Qibao, Inside the Time Capsule

unbreakable friendships~ Qibao
unbreakable friendships
Time's indellible stamp~ Qibao
time’s indelible stamp
stolen sketches of a lost theater~ Qibao
stolen sketches of a lost theater
breaking ground~ Qibao
breaking ground
If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you~ Qibao
if I wanted your opinion I’d give it to you
softening the hard reality~ Qibao
softening the hard reality
who said Triad~ Qibao
who said Triad?
a controlled sea of humanity~ Qibao
a controlled sea of humanity

Hidden inside the massively dense Shanghai Metropolis is a quaint, albeit crowded small world of tradition. Bridges over water, narrow old streets, a wide variety of delicious street food and a beautiful old tea house.

In the tea house, mostly old men gather to drink tea and watch story telling theaters on a stage that echoes with ancient times.

Each time I go back there, I find the same people, doing the same things, as though they are caught in a time capsule and every day must be relived as it was the day before.

Nearby are the green lanes, where door after door girls and women offer their services for a price. Tickets to their worlds are sold on the main street of the old village.

Heartbreaking, surreal and intoxicating is Qibao.


Day Sixteen, February 7, 2011

Flames from hotpots at the end of a Chinese New Year's feast

Today we took the long trip back from Boracay to Shanghai and straight into the loud fireworks and street festivities of the Chinese New Year of the rabbit. I took an evening walk along Yunnan Xi Lu, the street that gets decorated with thousands of colored lanterns every Chinese New Year. After about a hundred lantern and street shots, I stopped at the back of a restaurant where workers were cleaning the hot pots after a feast. Hot pots meals are a typical and popular dish in Shanghai among both locals and expatriates. The flames were just glorious. Good to be back home. I never thought I would call China home, but somehow it feels like this now.