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Time to be Still~

In a time when all the planet is in upheaval, when all that we know is changing, when tensions are running high and panic and fear are the order of the day, being still might be what saves us. Let’s all take a moment, to pause in time and reflect on our lives here on this planet and all the good that remains in us and around us waiting to be noticed. Let’s be still because all is well, at least on the levels that matter most.

Day One Hundred Thirty Five, June 6, 2011

to listen to the music of the spinning spheres

To take time to be still, to wait, to listen to the music of the spinning spheres

The Earth and the Sun give us so much

So to listen, to learn, to catch the way of it

Then to be the Sun and the Earth for the lives inside us

To dance the sacred dance of life