Day One Hundred Ninety Two, August 2, 2011



We are born into it, we breathe in it for the last months of our womb existence, we are made of almost 70% of it, we crave it first when thirsty before any other liquid, we bathe in it, our continents are surrounded by it from all sides, our atmosphere is soaked with it, we love the sound of it when it falls and meanders, separated from it we die, and splashing in it, is pure joy!!!

From a hot summer holiday, a bit of value for our greatest planetary resource, and thanks for the abundance of it on our beautiful blue planet.

One Hundred Twenty Nine, May 31, 2011


in training

I spent a part of today finishing the set up of my photo studio at home and most of that time was in training for water shots. I often found it very difficult to see the purpose for doing water shots, but today, I could see that they are an amazing training in timing, focus, control, discipline, and patience. This whole 365 project has been a great  boot camp training of all these qualities and I am finding it so fruitful with every new day and every new adventure behind the camera. I have always loved discipline, enjoyed strenuous training and somehow welcomed struggle. After each great effort I have found a little gold nugget, a lesson, a wisdom to take and to add on to my life experience. So, yes, water shots, as frustrating as they are at times, I will keep at it from time to time..

splash you soon!

Day One Hundred Sixteen, May 18, 2011

It's no use crying over spilt milk

One of the most obvious laws on this planet is the passage of time in one single direction. Or at least this is how we perceive it. We may write books, make movies and fantasize about reversing time, but I have not met anyone yet who has done this, have you? So when something undesirable happens, it just cannot be undone, it is forever recorded in the archives of history which makes dwelling on it kind of pointless. It is the now and the future that we can influence, the past is only there to learn from.