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Day Three Hundred Eleven, November 29, 2011

aging fences

Fences have this way of drawing an emotional reaction from us when we see them. Fences are there to tell us we are not alone, despite the fact that they are created for the sole purpose of separation. When we construct fences, it is either to keep things away or safeguard things in, or both, but it is always about drawing a line, a splitting of territories, creating a divider. Then there are the unseen fences that we create, we hold on to and live behind of, not daring to cross or without great caution. Some are even built at our early childhood, our aging fences…

Day One Hundred Thirty Four, June 5, 2011

These are a home for hard-working hands

We humans are very quick to judge whether a person we see is a success or a failure, we are also very harsh in passing judgement even on ourselves. But the truth is no one is qualified to call another a failure. We are the only ones who can truly judge ourselves and we are mostly even wrong there. Because what is success really? Isn’t success a housewife who has decided to be just that, or the worker, the artist, the cobbler who does their best at every moment of every day? And isn’t it also the person who gives to the poor and shows kindness to others just because they want to. There is great peace in allowing ourselves the luxury of acknowledging and celebrating our own successes no matter how small.

They have done their time

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