The gift of basic living ~

Imagine stacking all your belongings, your clothes, books, electronics, furniture, house, car, pictures, everything and setting it on fire. Then imagine owning a robe, a bowl for food, a simple bed and a toothbrush. How might that feel?

It’s incredible how attached we get to our ‘things’ and how much simpler and lighter life would be with less things.

Nowadays though some monks I met had iPhones 🙂 and they labeled them their 6th and final belonging. That’s how powerful a role the media plays on our lives.

Day 91 of 365~

Monks in bagan~ Myanmar

Day One Hunderd Four, May 6, 2011

the pout

This is the look I call ‘the pout’. Children learn it at a very early age when their clever little heads realize they can exert emotional pressure on you. It immediately follows a rejection from you to one of their strong wishes. They test it repeatedly and they realize over time that it mostly works on fathers and has only a  little effect on mothers. Some still use it as adults to receive needed attention. As adorable as it is, my only response to it is to photograph it 🙂