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Day 20~ June 20th~ Xinjiang

The Uyghur gentleman~ Kashgar

In some parts of the world and with the older generations, being photographed is taken quite seriously. The pose and expression are premeditated in a way that wants to show the world that they are proud of who they are, and I just love that. I remember finding old portraits of my grandmother in shoeboxes where she looked so incredibly elegant, so refined, dressed in the most elegant of clothing and in my mind this is how she lives. I only met her as a very small child and I have no other recollection of her as she lived across the oceans, so these images embody the essence of how she projected herself to the world.

I asked this lovely man to photograph him outside the old teahouse in Kashgar and he agreed but asked me to wait. He positioned the chair where he wanted it, smoothed his coat and placed his folded hands across his knees and only then he gave me the signal to go ahead.


Day One Hundred Fifty Four, June 25, 2011

The little dancer

It was the opening act of the summer festival at the German School in Shanghai, the audience filled the seats, my heart was pounding nervously about her dance being the first in the show…I imagined a nervous, shy, hesitant little girl.

And out she came, confident, proud, dancing with all her soul to the rhythm, enjoying every second she had on stage…

They never cease to surprise us our little humans!

The ramblings of a very proud mother…


Day One Hundred Thirty Eight, June 9, 2011

t-shirt flip

The moment temperatures go above 27 degrees Celsius, the men in Shanghai start doing what is called the t-shirt flip! In other words, they flip their t-shirts to allow their stomachs to be exposed in order to cool down. This guy was flipped happily sitting under a tree when I photographed him, and he reacted with a “eeeeyyyyy, bla bla bla bla” in Shanghai dialect followed by “what are you photographing?” in Mandarin. So I came over to him and showed him the shot on my screen (thank God for digital) and he had this wonderful reaction where he straightened up proudly and mouthed a “hmmmm” in approval. I love these tiny clips of Shanghai moments.