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Day 23~ April 23rd~ Congo

messages in art

It is difficult to imagine in our day of gadgets and the time of i-this and i-that available to everyone in the west even small children, that in some places like Congo, this is not the case at all.

And because of that, the children I met often asked me to take a message back with me from them to the world. They spoke mostly Swahili and through their translators they told me that they would like to draw these messages for me to photograph. So here, in the Cajed center for helping the children of the street, ‘les enfants de la rue’ in Kinshasa, the volunteer teacher allowed the children to take the time and draw some messages on the blackboard. And like the children that I met in Goma, these boys also dreamt of peace, of a world with no guns, of a colorful world that included them in it…

Then they went on to sing to me very playfully and very shyly their national anthem (video). After singing, they turned to me and requested that I sing my anthem to them, which I did, a bit more shyly than they did. I sang them the Lebanese anthem, because being with them brought me back to my childhood in Lebanon, or maybe it was the school desks that took me right back to elementary school. It was a very moving day for me meeting their bright faces and sharing unforgettable moments together.




Day One Hundred Sixty Seven, July 8, 2011

field of color

They were once tiny seeds, placed inches below the ground in darkness and they were coded with one single purpose, to reach up towards the source of life, the yellow power, the great sun. So with a tremendous effort they pushed, over and over in one singular direction till they broke through the earth and came out into the light. Their will is something to learn from, their singularity of purpose and continuing relentless struggle is something to take on as a way of being towards success.


Day One Hundred Thirty Six, June 7, 2011


after the rain

Rain, we all have feelings and emotions about it. Some think it’s romantic, some get annoyed by it, some complain about it, it drastically changes the mood of some, some love to run in it, some love to sing in the rain, some pretend to love it just because they want to be special and there are some who really love the power of it. Whatever our reaction to rain is, it just shows that water falling from the sky has enough power to alter our emotional state. And water is powerful. We are made of almost 70 % water, our planet’s surface is mostly covered with water, we need water to live, we use water to wash, cook, swim, sail, surf, dive, irrigate and blow soap bubbles. And how humble and grateful do we feel to a glass of water after a long hot walk…

Personally we made a rule to bake cookies when it rains, just a trick to look forward to rainy days πŸ™‚


Day Eighty One, April 13, 2011

lady in window

Spring is finally here in full swing! I love the first days of Spring when you open your windows and the mild breeze rushes in to caress your face. It feels like a time of renewal, new growth, blossoming trees, flowers popping up in multicolor everywhere you look. It is a time to put away the gloom of winter and to jump forward into a new bright adventure!

I loved watching this Chinese lady today in the French Concession contemplating the gardens from behind her half open window and wondered what her story might be.