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Day 16~ June 16th~Xinjiang

a little boy, a sun flare and a lollypop

One of the wildest things to witness in Kashgar is the livestock market. Animals are brought in early in the morning by local salesmen on trucks, horseback carriages, and other vehicles and are lined up together for merchants from all over China to bargain for and buy. The condition of the animals and the handling of them can leave you in a state of shock, but that is how things have always been done at this market. I walked there with my camera in the middle of clouds of dust and symphonies of sheep, goats, cows, horses, donkeys, camels and other livestock and as always, I was mostly caught by the people.

This little boy was being trained into the trade as with other young boys by his father, and he sat in the middle of the market, money in one hand, lollypop in the other while the sales were being negotiated.

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Day Three Hundred Fifty Three, January 10, 2012

it's a 'happy' new year

Happy faces and big smiles adorn the streets the closer we get to the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. The most important holiday of the year, the happiest day for many is around the corner. Celebrations start to manifest all around the place as more than 10 million people get ready to leave Shanghai by trains, buses and planes to make it in time for the family meetings in their home provinces. There are strict cultural rules that dictate family gatherings and meals around this holiday that most adhere to year after year.

And to top it all, there is the ‘hong bao’, the traditional red envelope that everyone receives from their employer and children from their parents with cash money inside, which plasters an even bigger grin to the faces of China’s population.


Day One Hundred Eighty Two, July 23, 2011

Back to my roots today

No matter where I go in the world, and I have been to all kinds of places, home is where my roots are. My roots are in Lebanon, a country like no other, unique, odd, beautiful, charming, hospitable, immature, unreliable, unstable, but somehow despite of all that, wonderful. Each time I go back I feel like a part of me is being charged again, something that was missing is being found, a part of who I am is getting confirmed in me again. Yes, it is wonderful to be here again!