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Delivering Maria’s special coaching message in Lebanon

Maria receiving her special sketch book with drawing from Mark Siegel

Following my recent blog :, I had the great chance of meeting Maria Antouri again in her summer residence in beatiful village of  Faitroun in the Lebanese mountains. Maria and her mother received us and were totally thrilled at seeing the letter from Mark especially the drawing that he made of Maria in her sketch book. For me it was such a pleasure seeing Maria after one year has passed, to see her growth, the growth of her art and to be able to return to her with the special message on her journey in art.

The most special moment was when her mother Marina was reading the note to her and was so moved by the message that tears poured out of her eyes. It was a pure moment of value and sincere emotion that I was so lucky to witness. I had so wished that Mark could have been there in person to see the influence of his words and his genuine encouragement to young artists and to art. Maria and Mirna were also wishing they could meet him soon. One day it will happen!

Maria was proud to show me her new work over the last year that she did as and when she could between school assignments.

a recent drawing by Maria

Here is a link to the gallery of the meeting with Maria and photos of her recent artwork:

For art, with art, in art, because of art…

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A message in “art” for Maria

Another special message is on its way to be delivered to Maria this time in Lebanon.    Maria is one of the “by art we live” featured child artists who is incredibly lively,  bright an full of promise in her love affair with art.

I am so delighted to be able to hand deliver this message scribed and drawn in her  own little journal in the hope of inspiring her to do more of what she loves doing

Lucky are we if find out what we love to do in life and end up doing it.

Maria is happy in art, bright in art, clever in art, imaginative in art and most  importantly, in love with art.

Maria painting at her summer home