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Daily Coffee Talk~ 67/365

Tribal Ethnic Woman~ Yunnan, China

Today this image of the ethnic woman that I took in China triggered in me thoughts of lightness and weight. As I live and get older I feel the weight of my history and all that has happened in it.

I picture my life events as packages and bags that we have had to carry and as time goes on they can slow us down and keep us from moving forward and especially upward.

How do we let go of the weight and find the lightness we enjoyed as children?

Interestingly, most of my dreams that I diagnose as stress induced include suitcases, travel and items that are missing from them and time pressing on the whole situation and turning the level of stress to unbearable till I wake up.

Do we only let go of the weight when we pass on? Or can we start the shedding now, as we live, and be lighter and brighter?

I wish you a light and effervescent day ahead.

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Day Three Hundred Twenty Two, December 10, 2011


Imagine going through life with a light heart, having wings fashioned from humor, lifting off on a breeze made of hope, floating on a cloud of good intentions, swimming in an ocean of clarity. Imagine…



Day One Hundred Five, May 7, 2011

a day of lightness

Being a parent we spend most days wearing different hats, care giver, teacher, guide, coach, nurse, leader, comforter, helper, dresser, shopper, cook,.. you know how it goes.

But there are those special days when we find the freedom to just ‘be’ with our children. We enter their realm, we shift gears to be on their speed, we laugh wholeheartedly at their jokes, we feel the awe they feel at the little things, we get excited about finding a snail in the garden at night, we collect flowers, we become somehow also children. I love days like these, they make me feel like I lived a whole lifetime in one day and yet somehow still manage to feel younger, lighter, happier, freer.