life Photography

Day Three Hundred Eleven, November 29, 2011

aging fences

Fences have this way of drawing an emotional reaction from us when we see them. Fences are there to tell us we are not alone, despite the fact that they are created for the sole purpose of separation. When we construct fences, it is either to keep things away or safeguard things in, or both, but it is always about drawing a line, a splitting of territories, creating a divider. Then there are the unseen fences that we create, we hold on to and live behind of, not daring to cross or without great caution. Some are even built at our early childhood, our aging fences…

life Photography

Day Two Hundred Eighty Eight, November 6, 2011

The fall leaf that never fell

Fall comes sending its fairies to color the trees in reds, oranges, yellows, golds and browns. Then the big wind blows its mighty breath to scatter the leaves creating a magical carpet of warm colors on a moist fragrant ground  and causing sighs of wonderment from us all. And as gravity dictates, all leaves must fall to the ground. Well not this leaf. This leaf found itself destined for a short journey across a big city, riding on a bicycle wheel through alleys of Shanghai, because destinies are unknown, a mystery and not all leaves are meant to fall at the first gust of strong wind.


Day Two Hundred Fourty Five, September 24, 2011

love of life

To wake up excited about a new day, to find something wonderful about any type of weather, to look at mud as a potential mud pie, to view a puddle as a chance at some great splash excitement, to laugh at funny things without any inhibition including a funny face or a very fat bum, to run around exploring until your fall down in an exhausted heap, to lay in bed after a long day feeling nothing but peace and an anticipation of a great and full tomorrow…

This is the love of life, mostly exclusively available in children sizes 1 to 12. Highly contagious to open minded adults.


Day One Hundred Forty One, June 12 2011

a cookie offering for a fairy

To believe in fairies

To imagine what their tiny wings look like

To dream about seeing them one day

To struggle with patience

To make them offerings

To promise to be kind

To be respectful of nature and its helpers

To have a mind sparkling with the wonder of mysteries unsolved

Is the  charmed and magical world of a child