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Daily Coffee Talk~53/365

wishing on a star~

Hi again,

Today I decided to create a small animation from a favourite photograph of mine simply to wish you a bright weekend, a better tomorrow, an a healthy year.

This is especially dedicated to my beautiful daughter Lea, who sits in quarantine upstairs, and I miss her so much. The hand in the image is hers and the starfish was put back in to the sand safely.

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Day Three Hundred Nine, November 27, 2011


Little Lea has been working so hard on her Taekwondo, practicing with great focus and determination and today her first reward was finally attained, a new yellow/white belt from her teacher rewarding her accomplishments. She went through the ceremony shyly but ever so proudly.

A great marker in the growth of a young life, where discipline, hard work and the love of what you do eventually earns you a reward.