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Discovering the ladder of understanding~


This morning I was driving my daughter to her weekend Chinese class and we had a very interesting conversation. She was complaining about her inability to always find interest in continuing to learn Chinese whilst living in Germany and this took us to musings about the human brain and how we, humans have so much unused potential. It has been said that humans only use 10% of the brain capacity and once we push and struggle to learn  new things, we are perhaps activating otherwise dormant wirings in our brain and faculties. She became very interested in the process and walked to the class with a spring in her step.

Day 68 of 365~ 

image is a composite of a wall in Hong Kong and a closeup portrait of my daughter. 


Day Two Hundred Fifty Seven, October 6, 2011


We find ourselves in a world that has more and more toxic bodies of water every year. You see a river or a sea on a hot, humid day and your first instinct is to jump in and get refreshed, but doing so in most cities might just cost you your health, life or skin! And still we go on polluting…

photo taken: a ferry between Hong Kong island and Kowloon


Day Two Hundred Fifty Six, October 5, 2011

to cross or not to cross

City life is fast, unrelenting, and always moving. At all time, you are pushed and shoved into different directions with the moving crowd, unless you are able to move against the rushing current. How do you do something that counts in a sea of humanity? How do you swim against the stream? How do you find your freedom in a world of old doctrines and a society of rigid opinions?

photo taken: a cross road and moving taxi in central Hong Kong by night


Day Two Hundred Fifty Five, October 4, 2011

wellington street

Busy by day, throbbing by night, loud, charming, strange, inviting, intriguing, eccentric, exotic, luxurious, poor, narrow, hilly, frustrating, enjoyable, intoxicating, mysterious, old, new, broken down, ultra modern, falling apart, stairs, escalators, under construction, Cantonese, Mandarin, British… Hong Kong

photo taken: Wellington street, Hong Kong island by night


Day Two Hundred Fifty Four, October 3, 2011


The state of most young people after the end of school today is overshadowed by confusion. Too many influences all pulling in different directions, too many decisions to make, too many specialties to choose from, to many religious beliefs to adhere to or not adhere to, too many schools of fashion to adopt, too many identities to subscribe to…

It is a critical time and a very important deciding point for the rest of their lives and ironically the time they are most resistant to adult advice. I wonder if we were given a chance to rewrite the steps we took at that age, would we change anything?

photo taken: girl standing near avenue of the stars in Kowloon, Hong Kong


Day Two Hundred Fifty Three, October 2, 2011

alone in the rain

I wonder what life is like for a man working in the sea, to have the earth shifting beneath you constantly, to have long hours of alone time between sky and water, to rarely experience stable ground, to be exposed to the elements day in and day out, to become intimately familiar with the movement of sun, stars and moon and to know the real joy of loneliness…

photo taken: Man on a boat docking in the rain in a harbor in Hong Kong