Day One Hundred Ninety Nine, August 9, 2011

yellow road to Gibraltar

One of the pillars of Hercules (the second one being Jabal Moussa in Morocco), Gibraltar, a rock soaked in history, from Neanderthal, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Visigothic/ Hispanic, Islamic, Spanish, Jewish, Spanish again, until in 1713 it became strangely enough, British!

Today Gibraltar, Jabal Tāriq (جبل طارق)~its Arabic name, is home for about 30,000 people of different origins and is a self governed democracy belonging to the European Union. It is an incredibly friendly place to visit, packed with charm and interesting architecture. Most definitely worth the long wait to cross into it from the border of Andalusia!

photo: Man on boardwalk in Southern Spain with a view of Gibraltar in the distance.