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Day 25~ July 25th~ Vietnam

soft helmet

Would  she be protected by their helmeted bodies? Sometimes you just need to wonder…


Day Sixty Three, March 26, 2011

a boy and a coin

On a lovely spring day in Shanghai,China, a little boy decided to go rollerblading.

He put on his gear, finished it off with a shiny red helmet and set off to enjoy the afternoon sun.

The boy had a coin. He had secret plans to buy himself some vanilla ice cream!

~The end~


Day Thirty Eight, March 1, 2011

The shy migrant worker

After many years of severe restrictions and quotas limiting work seeking migrations across provinces in China, in 2002 a new law was passed to allow migrant workers permanent residence in cities like Shanghai. They are then segregated into skilled and well off workers, or lower class workers with less pay and very modest living conditions.

This worker was so cute as I was photographing him hiding, smiling and being shy. In the end he held my hand and gave me a big smile, my reward for the day 🙂