Day One Hundred Seventy Nine, July 20, 2011

the world is giant playground

The fields are so much richer in impressions than television, the forests are so much prettier than video games, the bugs are so much more interesting than electronic toys, the smells of nature are so much more intense and more pleasant than plastic smells of toys made in factories, the air is so much more invigorating than that of stagnant indoor playgrounds and rooms… and the amazing sense of discovery, the joy of learning about something new on their own, the impressions the self made adventure leaves on a child’s mind, that’s priceless. Yes to playing outdoors!!

photo taken: during a two hour excursion with Lea and her cousins in the German countryside

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Breathing fresh air in Switzerland

a Swiss landscape view after the rain

I have been in Founex in the suburbs of Geneva for the last 2 days. I came to Switzerland to attend an exhibition of my photos in Lausanne.

As this area has been home to my sister for some years, I have been here on many visits and each single time, the strongest impression I bring back with me is the quality of the air!

I have been living in Shanghai, China for over 4 years now. If you have been to Shanghai then you know that the air is thick with all kinds of pollutants and factory emissions that make living with lung conditions a normal state of affairs.

And then you come to a place like the Swiss country side, vineyards, green pastures, lakes, majestic mountains, fast-moving clouds, refreshing rain showers, clean beauty surrounding you everywhere you look. And then you breathe in!!

Each breath I take makes me feel like I am taking in a meal of the healthiest kind. I walk, I breathe in, walk, breathe in…

And with each gaze to the horizon, you experience colors, peace, tranquility…healing.

Every life must include some doses of this, a break from what is ailing our planet and ruining its atmosphere.

Take a breath of fresh Swiss air..

after the rain, the Swiss countryside glimmers