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Day Two Hundred Twenty Six, September 5, 2011

Hello cow!

I arrived in Geneva today after long long hours on the plane and the first thing I felt like doing was to feel the land. I drove around the country side for more than one hour until I felt like stopping and I stopped on a dirt road where this cow was grazing with her cow friends. It is amazing how you can connect to the land and to a place through its nature and what lives in it. It is a clean connection, a silent greeting, a moment of quiet observation, and of just being with something. And the cows are a great and respected ,symbol in this land of cheese and chocolate. This lovely cow welcomed me today 🙂

Breathing fresh air in Switzerland

a Swiss landscape view after the rain

I have been in Founex in the suburbs of Geneva for the last 2 days. I came to Switzerland to attend an exhibition of my photos in Lausanne.

As this area has been home to my sister for some years, I have been here on many visits and each single time, the strongest impression I bring back with me is the quality of the air!

I have been living in Shanghai, China for over 4 years now. If you have been to Shanghai then you know that the air is thick with all kinds of pollutants and factory emissions that make living with lung conditions a normal state of affairs.

And then you come to a place like the Swiss country side, vineyards, green pastures, lakes, majestic mountains, fast-moving clouds, refreshing rain showers, clean beauty surrounding you everywhere you look. And then you breathe in!!

Each breath I take makes me feel like I am taking in a meal of the healthiest kind. I walk, I breathe in, walk, breathe in…

And with each gaze to the horizon, you experience colors, peace, tranquility…healing.

Every life must include some doses of this, a break from what is ailing our planet and ruining its atmosphere.

Take a breath of fresh Swiss air..

after the rain, the Swiss countryside glimmers

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