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Day 4~ September 4th~ Tuscany

Even soda has style in Tuscany

It takes Italians to make sure their soda can has style! Fashion and good taste most definitely flourish in Italy where somehow mixing art into daily life is second nature to the Italians. It makes me wonder what it is that makes the Italians how they are, while in neighboring countries like France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, people could not be more different. Even when you go into small villages in Europe, each can have its own nature, its own dialect and its own radiation. This is the case in so many countries in the ‘old’ world, and it never ceases to puzzle me because I feel that it goes beyond the apparent differences in heritage or genetics or what we can physically see with our own eyes and it calls me to search and research.

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Day Three Hundred Ten, November 28, 2011

street wear shanghai style

Shanghai, where fashion is taking hold and making a home at such a great speed, brand name stores are mushrooming everywhere you look and with that huge changes are happening with the local population. As a nation that is accustomed to and that loves following instructions, trends are just another set of rules to follow. And these styles are copied from shop windows, magazines, television and media exactly and religiously on the streets of the city. How unique are we really in our sense of style, and how much of it is just a copying of what the general fashion world dictates is appropriate? Which brings to mind the strange phenomenon of the lemmings behavior…

Having said all that, these girls are still very pretty to look at 🙂



Day Thirty Seven, February 28, 2011

beauty behind glass

In China, Shanghainese women are famed for their elegance, beauty, strength of character and sense of fashion.

I was walking the alleys of Pudong this afternoon when I was struck with this young woman’s beauty and elegant pose looking at me through the glass window.


Day Thirty Two, February 23, 2011

A new China bursting with color!

When you live in China you cannot miss the explosion of colors that are a staple of the new China. After so many years of grey clothing and a muted and sheltered life, China finds itself open to the world and to the whole spectrum of color!

Chinese people love lights, fireworks, and color. They use it generously in all possible combinations defying all of fashion’s so called rules.

This little girl I met today at a park outside of Shanghai while on a photography trip!