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to see

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To be a photographer is to see where others just looking


Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight, September 7, 2011

to see

As a photographer, the eyes are as important a tool as the camera. To find a subject, a moment worth freezing and capturing, we first have to ‘see’ it. It is a special kind of seeing. The eye becomes the lens zooming in, zooming out, composing, measuring, evaluating and discussing options with the brain, the imagination, other senses… a magical theater of composition. And then at some moment it all feels right, and the hand goes to click the shutter. But none of that could happen without the initial orchestration of the eyes. I have so much value for my eyes when I follow my passion in photography, which makes me constantly aware of the incredibly complex and sophisticated machine we humans are lucky to live in here on Earth.

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You are the reason…

You are the reason I love to live more

you are the reason I love to wake up in the morning more

you are the reason I am now more scared of flying

you are the reason I smile so much more

you are the reason I bake so much more

you are the reason I play so much more

you are the reason I feel younger

you are the reason I am not too eager to die early

you are the reason I am filled with hope

you are the reason I am so thankful for life and its gifts

I love you and cannot imagine a life without your joyful and playful energy


Day seven, January 29, 2011

I see you!!

Today was another grey and cold day in Shanghai, and news of revolution and brutality all over the middle east, we needed to get our minds off world affairs. Normally on these days, Lea and I bake something yummy.. it is our rule!

So we looked for a new recipe and we baked chocolate cookie sandwiches filled with nutella, and they were warm and heavenly!

During the baking process Lea was checking everything out with her magnifying glass, she said it made the cookies look bigger and therefore yummier!

Made the eye part blue just for fun 🙂