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Day Three Hundred, November 19, 2011

fallen drops

Fall, autumn, the time of separation, of big changes, of getting ready to go huddle indoors, and the time of little deaths. We get inspired and uplifted looking at the leaves changing color in the fall because it is just too overwhelmingly beautiful to witness. So death must have a beauty in itself like all things in life do. A leaf is born out of a magnificent blossom and it dies with an explosion of color. It is always about how we choose to see things, and this leaf was a magnificent vibrant yellow, can you see it?


Day One Hundred Thirty Six, June 7, 2011


after the rain

Rain, we all have feelings and emotions about it. Some think it’s romantic, some get annoyed by it, some complain about it, it drastically changes the mood of some, some love to run in it, some love to sing in the rain, some pretend to love it just because they want to be special and there are some who really love the power of it. Whatever our reaction to rain is, it just shows that water falling from the sky has enough power to alter our emotional state. And water is powerful. We are made of almost 70 % water, our planet’s surface is mostly covered with water, we need water to live, we use water to wash, cook, swim, sail, surf, dive, irrigate and blow soap bubbles. And how humble and grateful do we feel to a glass of water after a long hot walk…

Personally we made a rule to bake cookies when it rains, just a trick to look forward to rainy days πŸ™‚


One Hundred Twenty Nine, May 31, 2011


in training

I spent a part of today finishing the set up of my photo studio at home and most of that time was in training for water shots. I often found it very difficult to see the purpose for doing water shots, but today, I could see that they are an amazing training in timing, focus, control, discipline, and patience. This whole 365 project has been a greatΒ  boot camp training of all these qualities and I am finding it so fruitful with every new day and every new adventure behind the camera. I have always loved discipline, enjoyed strenuous training and somehow welcomed struggle. After each great effort I have found a little gold nugget, a lesson, a wisdom to take and to add on to my life experience. So, yes, water shots, as frustrating as they are at times, I will keep at it from time to time..

splash you soon!

CHINA contemplations Photography time

Spring will still come anyway…

Shanghai blossoms

The world is changing!

We would have to be blind not to see that the powerful current of evolution is driving through our planet in full force.

Something if forcing us to move on, to evolve, to find new ways of going on.

It is not subtle, this message, it comes with life changing potency.

It drives nations to revolution,

it erases whole species of organic life,

it shakes the earth from its core,

it shifts weather patterns,

it forces us all to stop and rethink our lives,

and still,

it keeps the steady rhythm of the seasons and it offers us the gift of Spring after a long winter.




Day Fifty Eight, March 21, 2011

a brief moment of clarity

It is rare and precious when we are able to pause all the noise, to push back all the pressures, to move away all the smoke screens and be able for just a brief moment to receive clarity. It is like being frozen in time, everything slowed down and something clicks, clear understanding. Moments like these are rare, but when they happen, they feel like eternity. They are short but deep, multidimensional, elevating. They are moments when being human make so much sense.