life Photography

Day Three Hundred Forty Four, January 1, 2012

creating memories

It is believed that in ancient Egypt a scribe was assigned to each small child to record their every word till age 12. Childhood was considered the most important stage of formation of a human and a time worth taking note of when the little person was still connected to the world they came from and to its essences. I have been always moved by this idea and had wished that I could offer this service to my child. A full hard drive of (4TB memory) later, I realized that I have been doing this with photos. Lea can trace what she did with almost every day of her life since birth through a photographic archive that is key worded, organized by date, age, and location on the globe. I wish someone had given me this gift as a child as I strive to remember certain important moments of my childhood in vain…

photo taken: Lea, Elli and Anna playing with a dollhouse on the first day of the New Year.