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Day 18~ December 18th~ Guilin

innocent wonder
innocent wonder

One of the rewards of going into far away parts of China is meeting innocence. Innocence lives her sister simplicity with the natural people of this world. My friend who travelled with me on this trip has amazingly beautiful and extremely curly hair and at the sight of it a crowd of sweet women gathered and followed us around with the single wish of touching my friend’s hair. Moments like this make you have hope again for our world and its war of differences.


Day One Hundred Sixty Nine, July 10, 2011

her morning hair 🙂

One day she woke up and her hair was curly! ~ true story

I come from a family of 5 children and I am the only one who was born with hair that curls. I have often questioned my straight haired parents, probed and wondered where this phenomenon came from only to settle to the fact that a large part of my genetic makeup is Lebanese and somewhere, somehow an African gene must have entered the mix. (And no, my mother did not cheat if that’s what you’re thinking)

My daughter has been complaining since the first day she could speak and play with her perfectly straight hair that life is so unfair and how come she cannot have curly hair! Then, one day, just like that, the hair fairy came and ‘poof’, she woke up with curly hair close to her 7th birthday!

Yes, curly hair fairies do exist, ask Lea!