Day Ninety, April 22, 2011

It's the season of color

It is the season of color and smiles. Who doesn’t smile to a pretty flower, to the warm rays of the April sun, to the first crisp fresh breeze that flirts with the curtains of an open window?

And then come the colored eggs! In our little family we get very excited about coloring them, hiding them and finding them again!

Thank you Spring! Thank you chickens! Thank you weather Gods!

Happy Spring everyone 🙂


Day Forty Two, March 5, 2011


It rained tonight on my window

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” —Mark Twain

Today was a day of looking at balances, re-arranging thoughts, deep contemplations, and searching for rhythms. There is a rhythm in the rain that can lull you to sleep if it falls gently, there is also rhythm in the city lights that pass by your window as you sail through the busy streets. Rhythm is everywhere, in our heartbeat, in the days, in the nights, in the tides and in the birth and death of every living thing.

CHINA Photography

psychedelic tunnel


psychedelic tunnel, originally uploaded by mimo khair.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why one of your photos ends up being so much more appreciated than others. This one from the sightseeing tunnel in Shanghai has so far reached number 8 in Flickr’s Explore. I had no idea this would be the picture.
Sleepy last minute blog late night blog from Shanghai…


Day Eleven, February 2, 2011

spirals of color and lights

I am reading a book called Gilead, and in it I was moved by the character coming to the simple realization that the moon moves not in a circle around the earth, but in a spiral. I have always loved this contemplation of spirals in our universe and have loved to draw spirals repetitively.

Today, the second day in Boracay was a very internal kind of day for me. And I found that most of what I photographed was very close in, patterns, colors, shapes. Colors and lights stood out so much as part of what makes the beach area of Boracay what it is.